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yeah childbirth is bad but have u knelt on a piece of lego

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nobody said it was easy

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All the Shadowhunters are British in the Movie, and Kevin is the only one that isn’t British. So did you give him any pointers on speaking…?

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i always feel really uncomfortable when two heavily tattooed people have a baby and the baby comes out blank idk i just expect some tattoos


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The all HD, all the time, all the stills, bonanza. :)



The all HD Still from #ShareMortalLove week

City of bones movie, still,

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…If you have a request,Shadowhunter,speak it now.

The Angel paused.

And remember that I am not a genie.Choose your desire wisely   

She could ask for anything, she thought dizzily, anything—an end to pain or world hunger or disease, or for peace on earth. But then again, perhaps these things weren’t in the power of angels to grant, or they would already have been granted. And perhaps people were supposed to find these things for themselves.” 

It didn’t matter,anyway.There was only one  thing she could ask for,

in the end,only one real choice.

She raised her eyes to the Angel’s 

“Jace,” she said 

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TMI meme [books edition] ↳ TID comparison

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oh dear.


are you sure about that?

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Cassandra Clare: Ave Atque Vale Infernal Devices — and a thank you


Publisher’s Weekly.

Dear Shadowhunters,

I wanted to tell you a little story about the Infernal Devices. Back when I first started writing it, a lot of people told me historical fantasy fiction — historical fiction period, except in romance — didn’t sell, no one would read it, my readers…